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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Focusing Upon 4 Pillars of Custom Writing - Management Paper

Hello Friends, today I will pick up an important topic for discussion that will help the students to understand their assignments better. While pursuing higher education colleges focus upon enhancing the analytical powers of the candidates through custom assignments. The objective is to provide an exposure to the students whereby they can develop the ability to research and derive a conclusion based on facts and logical reasoning. So, your requirements as of now would be to learn about various techniques and theories that will enhance your assignment writing skills. However, you first need to know about custom writing.

What is custom writing?
The very first question that comes to your mind is ‘what is custom writing?’. Theoretically speaking, custom writing refers to a tailor-made form of data presentation as per the requirement of the examiner. Being tailor-made in nature, it has to be prepared exclusively on certain given grounds along with meeting the intent which the examiner wants you to dig out. Some of the most common examples of custom writing are essay writing, term paper writing, research reports, dissertation, thesis, etc.
Now, having understood what custom writing is all about, it is time to move onto the 4 pillars that guides your custom writing.
Pillar I: Research
Research serves as the most important pillar of your assignment writing. To start an assignment, you would be first required to make a two-step research. The first step deals with defining the nature of your assignment. Whether your assignment is an essay or a dissertation or a research paper, it is here that you decide upon the type of assignment given. Sometimes, the given topic will itself guide you towards the required. Here are some examples:
Application Essay – “Why is an MBA degree necessary for you?”
Dissertation -  “The Impact of Commercial banks in a Country.”
Research Paper- “Does continuous application of software in business hints at a fast growing business?”
On the other hand, the second step focuses more on penetrating into the topic and generating valuable information for the purpose of supporting your viewpoints. Collecting related information in the form of case studies, judgments and theories make an ideal composition. For further simplification, you can break this step into two subsections- accumulate and select.

Pillar II: Format
The format of your assignment holds the key to primary impression. Different forms of writings have their respective formats, therefore, you need to place your thoughts and viewpoints based on the prescribed format. Additionally, there are specific formats for assignments in the form of APA style, Harvard style, MLA style, Turabin/Chicago style and others. For an instance, if my assignment is an essay. I would be required to follow the format of:
·         Introduction

·         Body

·         Conclusion
However, in the present case it is not necessary to be limited to only three paragraphs. Usually, the introductory paragraph and the conclusion compromises of one paragraph each but the body section can vary from being one to several. As long as you are keeping your essay interesting and to the point readers won’t mind continue reading. Similarly, if you online writing a dissertation or a term paper then make sure that you have their respective format with you.
Pillar III: References
References play a role of boosters in your assignment. If you want to display your hard work to the examiner then this is the best way to do it. Using references allows you to  avail double benefits. Firstly, it gives the assignment a solid base that reflects quality and secondly, it makes your arguments for or against the topic more logical. Moreover, referencing can be done in a variety of ways which includes Documentary note style, Numbered Style and Parenthetical style. If your assignment is silent about the style of referencing then always choose the ‘Numbered style’ of referencing because it is easy to construct.
Unfortunately, many candidates often overlook the area of referencing and place some random names at the end of their assignment. This results in a severe marks deduction.

Pillar IV:  Proofread
From my perspective, proofreading is your ‘cheat-code’ towards online best assignment writing. When you proofread your assignment, you get to discover:
·         Spelling and Grammatical errors,

·         Plagiarized content,

·         Weak arguments,

·         Formatting errors, and

·         Flow of your tone.

Once you rectify the existing mistakes, you are more likely to attain a good score.
Custom Writing has always been one of the most challenging areas for students. This is where their ‘true test’ lies.