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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Reach The Pinnacle of Success by Improving Your Professionalism

Professionalism determines whether a person will be successful in his career or not. We assume that you are currently pursuing your business degree at a reputed business school. It means you have just put your first step towards building your career. Now that you are looking forward to build a successful career, it is important that you understand the importance of displaying professionalism and more importantly, be professional at heart. But what are the differences between an ordinary employee and a successful professional? We are going to cover the exact subject in the following sections of this article.

What is professionalism? Make an essay with impeccable professionalism:

We have studied a number of dictionaries available around the globe (most of them are available on the Internet) and found that each of them defines the term, ‘professionalism’ to be a set of conducts, ethics, and practices that determines a professional person. On the other hand, those dictionaries have defined ‘professional’ as the person who has an expertise on the field of his operation, along with proper and continuous motivation, sense of commitment, literary and practical skills related to his profession, as well as a strong work morale.

We have analysed the characteristics of the top professionals in the world and figured out the traits that you can implement in your life for ensuring your career growth. Here we go.

• Demeanour

Whenever you meet any person, the first thing that he or she notices in you is your demeanour. Make sure that you are confident about your capabilities. However, most of the employees commit a common mistake, i.e. they exude over-confidence, which not only hurts their reputation but also ruin their chances of career development.

• Competence

The most important characteristic of professionalism is having an expertise in your profession. Once you are aware of your capabilities, you would not have to worry about being confidence. So, become an expert in your field and everyone will respect you. In order to stay competent, you should attend seminars, conferences and read books related to your industry.

• Capability to think analytically

As an MBA student, you may already have estimated how much pressure you shall have to handle once you become a manager. Managers are expected to bring multiple solutions every time they face any problems. Under such circumstances, an analytical mind is everything he or she has to keep up to the expectations.

• They dress impeccably

Professional men and women know how to dress in a professional environment. Just like James Bond, they are dressed to impress their clients, which eventually lead them to score more sales. Even if you are not in marketing, dressing appropriately will allow you to earn the respect of others and achieve success in your career.

• High organisation skills

After analysing some of the uber-successful professionals across various fields including Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet, we have come to notice that all of these men have few things in common. And the most important of them is that they are highly organised when it comes to their work schedule. They are undoubtedly the busiest people on this planet and that means they must track their tasks. If you want to achieve success in life and career, you must pay attention to enhance your organisation skills. For instance, you can ask for online essay writing help in order to complete your homework on time. Outsourcing the hectic tasks is one of the decisions that only a true manager can take. Be the manger of your life.

• Eagerness to learn

Elon Musk never attended any course related to rocket science, yet he is the CEO of the first private company in the world to launch commercial spacecrafts. Additionally, he and his company (Tesla) are working to send human beings to Mars. How is he able to achieve such success? Well, when asked in an interview, Mr. Musk answered that he loves to reads books and that helped him to learn about rockets. Therefore, the moral of the story is that you must not be satisfied with your current skill sets and seek more knowledge. Bill Gates, one of the legendary tech entrepreneurs of all time prefer to read at least for an hour every day before going to bed. Do you need more motivation?

Why is it important to have professionalism? Your sample essay writing should show that:

The definitions for ‘professionalism’ are easy to write than implementing practically. It takes hard work and immense dedication to develop this particular quality. Lack of professionalism can lead others to lose confidence in you and that may hurt your reputation. Can you imagine a pilot, who is not sure which way to fly his plane and asks his passengers for suggestions? Similarly, a manager must be aware of his responsibilities and he should strive to deliver his projects on time. It is his professional attitude that allows a manager to persuade and motivate his co-workers and team to complete the assigned tasks within deadline, without compromising on the quality part.

From a careerist perspective, employers want high quality individuals as the managers of their firm. They desire a person who is both responsible and proactive at the same time, and who can work under pressure while performing consistently for the welfare of their company. We all know about Sundar Pichai, who had started as an executive for Google. Over the years, based on his great performance, Mr. Pichai has grown to become the CEO of the same company where he started, which is indeed a motivational tale for all the MBAs out there. Nevertheless, success, as mentioned earlier, comes with perseverance and adaptability as well as a desire to grow.