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Thursday, 22 September 2016

A Few Crazy College Application Essay Questions

The prospect of writing a college application essay may send a cold sweat down your spine, and every time you feel that you will get it done, you may get distracted by adorable cat videos on YouTube or feel that you must watch all the 14 superhero movies that came out this year!

Soon enough, you discover yourself lazing on the couch (being true to your spirit animal ¬– the sloth), with a bowl full of cereal. Chomping away while you occasionally check your phone for social media updates but almost instinctively ignore the clock, you feel your imagination will suddenly see a spark and you will type away your masterpiece of an application essay that will be the next to Leo Tolstoy’s, War and Peace.

But if you are as lucky as these students who had the most bizarre admission essay topics, then simply pen away your wildest thoughts and do not cringe at creating creativity on prompt to produce a one-of-a-kind application essay.

As can be clearly understood from these topics, not all college application essays have to be total drag. A few American schools took thinking out-of-the-box to a new level and created the most thought provoking, outlandish and completely original essay writing prompts.

Amongst the list of schools who went a step further when it came to college application essays, the leaders are Lehigh University, Wake Forest, and Tufts University who have asked amusingly candid essay questions to their applicants.

Check them out here and determine how would you answer them?

  1. “Select a movie or a novel where the protagonist has made a very difficult choice. Then elaborate on why do you agree or disagree to the decision he/she made?” – Bucknell University
  2. “You must spend the next year of your life in either the past or the future. What year will you choose to live in and why?” – Brandeis University 
  3.  “Write two questions that drive you?” – Hampshire College 
  4. “What is the one thing that matters to you most and why?” – Stanford University 
  5. “Take a trip back to a time when learning was simple and pure fun. Please share with us what was your favourite children’s book and why?” – Kalamazoo College 
  6. “Which is your favourite riddle and why? Explain your favourite Bazinga moment. Your video on YouTube has just reached one millionth hit. What is the video about? If your name was an acronym what would it stand for and how it would reflect your personality and strengths?” – Lehigh University 
  7. “Celebrate your nerdy side. What does #YOLO mean to you? What makes you happy?” – Tufts University 
  8. “Take one plain sheet of blank paper. You can do anything you want with this sheet of paper. You are only bound by the boundaries of this sheet. You need not submit anything, but we simply want you to use your imagination to its fullest potentials.” – Texas Christian University 
  9. “If you go over a rainbow, what do you hope to find over the rainbow?” – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
  10.  “Tell us what is your favourite word and why?” – University of Virginia 
  11. “What sets your heart on fire?” – Villanova University 
  12. “Provide us with your list of top 10” – Wake Forest University 
  13.  “Tell us something that you have changed your mind about within the last 3 years.” – Yale University

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Improve Your Research Writing Skills With These Productivity Tips

Majority of management students lack adequate time when it comes to completion of their research papers. Nevertheless, it is necessary to work hard and prepare quality assignments for securing good grades. But simply, completing assignments on time can only be a small part of your career goal. However, filling the paper with useful information should be your first priority. In this article, we will help you through to schedule your tasks and execute it so that you can maintain quality without missing your deadline.

To increase productivity of your research paper, we recommend you to divide your task as following.

Be your Project Manager

It is your assignment, thus it is your responsibility to get it done in any way possible and that too while preserving its quality. By developing a ‘managerial’ mindset, you will help yourself to plan your tasks successfully before time. As an aspiring manager, you must develop some useful project management skills, which will be useful for your career. Additionally, submitting assignments on time will impress your professor.

Organise tasks

When we talk about organising your tasks, we mean proper planning and scheduling. Researchers suggest that having a written plan eases the work pressure and gives you a clear vision of what needs to be done. This saves time in the end and thus, you can focus more on your content rather than the overall assignment.

Be precise about the topic

One of the common problems a student faces is related to topic finalisation. Even when a topic is decided, they often move away from the actual subject, which creates complexity. A professor looks for simple yet dynamic content. Therefore, make sure that you stick to your topic, and KISS; Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

Outline your objectives in advance

Keeping a blueprint about the possible outcomes of your research paper allows you to control the way you want your project to be. This will help you to be accurate and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Use reliable sources for researching

Research matters the most when you are working on a major project. So make sure that you use legitimate websites or journals, and other resources for framing your flow of information. Professors want to verify the authenticity of the information you have provided before presenting you with good grades. 

Revise multiple times before submitting

Even the simplest typos and errors can cost you few marks. Make sure to read the paper after you are finished. Keep it inside the drawer and go to sleep. Wake up the next morning, and read it again. You will surely figure out something to improve in your assignment.

Ask for external help

Many students choose to work part-time, while still at college. As a result, it becomes nearly impossible for them to work on their assignments. In such cases, you can ask for essay writing help online. Management Paper provides online help to management students for completing their MBA assignments. They have a team of good quality educators and research writers of similar domain, which allows them to help students to the best possible extent.

The path to success can be planned beforehand. With a MBA degree under your belt, you have all the necessary skills to manage your dreams and execute your visions. Do not let your busy schedule to restrict you from achieving what you deserve. Increase your productivity and success will knock on your doors.