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Thursday, 3 December 2015

How to write better academic essays?

Teachers know that the best students are good at writing academic essays. Why so? Because a good essay is the best chance to shine amongst the rest of the students. Writing a good essay is an interesting mental workout and only a select few students from the list top performers have the natural knack for it.

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While writing an essay, not only does the writer need to put forward intriguing arguments and thought provoking ideas, but also these interesting literary wonders must be confined within bounds of the subject or topic at hand and also be within the prescribed word limitation.

Only a sincere student understands the need to make their present essay assignment a tad bit better than the previous one. They are constantly pushing the limits to get better results out of themselves. To them, they are their biggest competitor.

But while all these may sound highly motivational for students and you may get the zeal to sit at your computer again churning essay ideas and dreaming of alphabetical wonders. But, there is a slight hiccup when it comes regular academic essay writing. You tend to get stuck in a rut. Some may even fancy it by calling it “writer’s block”.

This block is nothing more than being stuck in the same formula of pouring out academic papers on time that look professional with average creative quality. Moreover, students who often receive good scores and feedback from their teachers tend to be over-confident of their writing abilities; hence, often slack off out of sheer lack of motivation.

Wondering how to improve your essay writing abilities to get to brilliant from good? Follow these simple tips:
  • Work towards building your vocabulary so that you can convey the idea clearly and concisely.
  • Read other people’s work to be a better writer. 
  • Make the thesaurus and dictionary your best friend.
  • Subscribe to a “word of the day” email or app, to upgrade your glossary.
  • Understand prefixing, suffixing and roots of languages. While this might seem boring, knowing the roots of words would help you to grasp the meaning of new ones. 
  • Make sure your essay has structure and is not repetitive. 
  • Try and sound intelligent by raising an argument in your own writing instead of simply stating the facts you have acquired.
  • While planning what you want your essay to look like is important, pay close attention to the argument you want to make. It should short but snippy. 
While all this may take some time to work on, you can seek help from academic essay writing services offering important tips to students.

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