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Monday, 28 December 2015

Get some help with marketing assignments

Before we begin with the usual list of tips for students that are crowding up the World Wide Web; let us understand what the core idea behind marketing is. Marketing is a practice incorporated in the management Performa to identify the needs and desires of consumers. Once they are identified the marketing managers of the company plans a product that is custom-designed to address the needs and desires of the market.  That is why an MBA curriculum stresses very hard on marketing assignments so that students can get a good idea of how the various strategies work in real world scenarios.

Get some help with marketing assignments

As per industry experts, the job role of a marketing executive is described as a social as well as managerial position in which the personnel need to deliver the needs of the market while gaining other ideas and values from constant interaction with other groups of similarly disposed people on the job.

To be precise marketing forms the most integral process of any firm that delivers directly to the revenue stream of the organization. Some other important aspects of an organization form R&D (research and development), Finance, Manufacturing, Human Resources and IT. But most of these aspects are mainly based on internal workings of the firm and do not pay attention to the external ones. Only marketing works with the external factors influencing the organization. You might argue that a firm cannot function without a manufacturing section, what your marketing department then market about? While this is a legitimate argument; but it is not accurate. Even without a manufacturing unit a company can still market goods or services that it caters to the customers. But no one will ever know what the company offers without a good marketing team letting people know what they do.

In theory marketing is very closely related to economics and derives many concepts from the subject. For instance topics like the 5 Cs of Marketing among others is a core economic-related concept which deals with ideas such as, customers, collaborators, companies, climate and competitors. Several other theories like – marketing segmentation, market analysis like drivers, trends, restraints, distribution channel, market sizing, target market selection etc. also come from economic theories. Other such ideas from economics like pricing strategy, brand equity, product marketing, business management, customer lifetime value, product life cycle, CLV (customer lifetime value), integrated marketing communication, CRM (customer relationship management), marketing orientation are also included in marketing principles.

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