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Monday, 14 December 2015

How to write a thesis and make an argument?

Firstly, before we get to the basics of how to write a thesis let us first understand what a thesis is. A thesis statement is a sentence that puts forward an argument against a certain topic and then briefly delves into the process of how you are aiming to provide evidences in support of the argument in order to prove it.

How to write a thesis and make an argument?

To better explain what a thesis argument is, let us consider an argument and a thesis argument with the following examples.

  1. A normal argument sounds something like this, “The movie Lincoln does not portray the president’s personality and role accurately”. While this is a good argument, it is yet to become a thesis.
  2. While the statement that reads like, “The movie Lincoln does not represent the president’s role in US history accurately as his role in freeing the slaves, his young life and his family life was not depicted accurately in the movie”.
Did you identify the main difference between a thesis and a normal argument? A thesis makes a definite, well-rounded approach to the argument you are attempting to make in the paper. While your thesis may be a few sentences long, but it should not be more than a paragraph long; also do not cite examples or give evidences against your argument in the thesis statement paragraph.

The structure of a thesis usually contains the following:

  1. The Title Page: this page should contain the title, the subtitle, and the name of the author, department, institution, research mentors and advisors, date of delivery, the advisors’ institutions and email address.
  2. The Abstract Page: this should explain why your thesis is an important academic paper worth the reader’s attention. Then it should follow with a summary of your work along with numbers and calculations taking the error limits into account. And finally the implications of your work should follow. The true markers of a good abstract are the fact it is concise, to the point, quantitative and readable for the readers.
  3. The Table of Contents: list all headings, subheadings, along with proper page numbers, indent subheadings and much more.
How to write the introduction:

One can write the introduction best once they are already aware of the body paragraph. So, we recommend that you finish the body of your article first and then get to the part of writing the introduction for the same.  

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