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Thursday, 24 April 2014

5 Mistakes that People Make While Writing an Essay

Essay writing is an art which most of the people have failed to understand. Usually people are concerned about only two things- the word limit for the essay and the format. When the word limit is approaching, people believe that it is time to start the conclusion whereas on the other hand, the format of essay is only supposed to be following the traditional trend of introduction, body and conclusion. However, in reality the scenario is completely different. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make in while online writing an essay .

Mistake No. 5: Use of References

Using references is considered as a good element for an essay but only when it is related to the concerned topic. For an instance, if your current topic is about discussing the socio-economic condition of Asia, then there is no point including a reference that represents the socio-economic condition in Africa. It is better to present an essay without references than presenting one with an unrelated context.

Mistake No. 4: Quick read on the topic

Most of the time candidates make a blunder in the beginning itself when they read a particular topic. Topic should always be read patiently and atleast twice such that the candidate understands the exact requirements. However in reality the case is just opposite. The result is that the essay is very well presented but in a different direction.  For an instance, an essay how on drive a car and how do you drive a car will have almost same theme but the context would be completely different.

Mistake No. 3: Complete and Submit

Essay writing is a painstaking task that requires precision. A few minutes time taken for proofreading before you submit your essay help you discover your mistakes which otherwise would have been discovered by the examiner.

Mistake No. 2: Organize

No matter how well you are with your writing and references, organizing your essay will always stand at a higher position when it comes to determining The Priorities of an Essay Writing Help. It is very practical to ensure that the references and opinions are placed in the right area. For an instance, a conclusion cannot have a fresh point to prove in the essay. The point should have been included in the body itself.

Mistake No. 1: Opinion

A funny thing that most of the examiner finds in the essays is that they are devoid of any personal opinion from the writer. The essence of an essay is to present a personal viewpoint on a given topic. But writers often forget to include the same. The result is that the essays fail to meet the basic requirements inspite of having quality references and writing style.  

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