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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

How to work on the conclusion of your essay

Conclusion of an essay is regarded as “icing on the cake”. It is this section that will bind the readers to your essay and will have an influence on their minds. No matter how well you have worked upon the introduction and the body section, the conclusion will have the ultimate impact as it is the last section that the readers will come across in your essay.

To be very precise, conclusion is all about summing up your thoughts on a particular topic. Here is an example that will allow you to understand the requirements for a perfect conclusion.

“This paper presents a detailed discussion on the situation of air pollution in China. Air pollution in China has become one of the most important topics of discussion at the economic as well as political spheres in the country (Wang and Mauzerall, “Evaluating impacts of air pollution in China on public health: Implications for future air pollution and energy policies”). It is established from this study that the initial step to fight this problem refers to identification of the most significant sources of pollutants and the ways in which the damage is caused to health. Identification of the ways of health damage is more important than identification of sources of pollution because it would enable policy makers to realize the gravity of the problem and make relevant pollution control policies accordingly. 

The result of China’s development is visible in the position it is occupying in the world rankings of the economies in terms of economic growth. However, the negative effects of growth are issues related to environmental degradation, particularly air pollution in case of China, and rising health hazards. The government has to act responsibly in this situation and also involve the society tactfully in this procedure so as to initiate a holistic environmental protection program.”

On observation you will see that the conclusion starts off with “this” which means that it is related to the body section. Establishing a link in between the sections will allow the readers to be with the flow of the essay and hence you will be able to maintain the focus. Additionally, the last paragraph should explicitly present the writer’s viewpoint. In the given text, you will clearly observe that it starts with the statement “The result of China’s…” The fulcrum of your essay writing is your personal opinion and it should be passively presented throughout except for the conclusion section where the tone shifts to active. To Learn more about online essay writing services, visit Managementpaperdotcom.