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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Tips to Write A Good College Essay-I

The college essay is vastly distinguished from the typical English essay that you write for high school. Besides the tone of the essay an essay meant for college should be must more exhaustive in its scope. Before you dart off to an Essay Writing Services for students feeling intimidated and discouraged, the following tips will ensure that you end up writing an essay that grabs the attention of the reader and keeps him hooked.

Tips to Write A Good College Essay-I

•    Keep your reader hooked from the word “Go”

Any college essay that serves its purpose well should have the ability to grab the attention of the reader. You may accomplish this in several ways:
  • Pose a question at the very beginning.
  • Begin your essay with a bold and I dare say a controversial statement.
  • Put into use a quote that arouses interest.
  • Put the reader amidst the action like an event or a conversation.
  • Address the reader directly and dare to challenge him or her.
  • Put into words the things that you seek to avoid in your writings.
  • A single word might suffice to capture the imagination of the reader and make him wonder.

    Revel in your Individuality

Dare to stand apart from the crowd of the thousands of anonymous essayists. This will ensure a lasting impression as the reader will be able to personally relate to you. Cultivate your own personal voice in your college essay and add a touch of humor just to spice things up.

•    Avoid being boring
With the kind of essay we are up to, this is obvious. Don’t try to impress people with your intellectual prowess through long and tedious words. But by all means be smart, nice, funny, caring and unique. Avoid being a drag like the plague.

•    Ensure that your essay is beautiful and correct

Ensure that your essay stands in good terms in readability both in the visual aspects such as a large enough font and plenty of open spaces. Ensure readability in terms of the style and the choice of the words too. Abide by writing best practices when you write your college essay. Run the spellchecker and also re-read your essay to ensure that you have not overlooked any grammatical errors.

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