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Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Essential Tips for Surviving College Assignments

Assignments have over the course of the evolution of the educational system become a part and parcel of daily life of students. And when you are in college things do not get any easier. So, it is necessary for you to be aware of the whole process to go through in order to write an assignment during your life at college. We will provide you with tips that should be followed throughout the process. 

We will start with the very basics:

  • Keep a wall planner and diligently write down all of your deadlines so that you are aware of exactly what is due and when at a glance. 
  • Make sure that you break down the process of writing assignments in to various steps and set mini-deadlines for all of the necessary steps. 
  • Make it a point that you thoroughly analyze the title of the topic and know what it is asked from you. A common fault with many students is that many a times students do not get proper marks as they strayed from the principal topic. Elaborate on your opinion.
  • Do your research with the aim of answering your question. Ask critical questions to yourself about the reading that will help you in deciding your view-point and express your opinion based on due evidence regarding the answer to the question posed by the essay. 
  • Pen down the important elements of your essay. This ensures that the significance as well as the relevance of your point is not lost. Examine all of your essay paragraphs asking yourself the question of why you have written that. In case you find that you do not know the answer either bring clarity or simply leave it out. View your essay as the reader.
  • See the essay as the reader and determine the best way to demonstrate that the argument is tenable and is properly based on reason, supported accordingly with evidence and that the conclusion is its logical consequence.

Use previous feedback

• Go back to the feedback gathered through your previous assignments and apply it to the current work. You will be surprised at how big a difference it can make.


While determining the structure of your essay, remember to ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Does the introduction address the question in its entirety? 
  • Do each of the paragraphs state a clear point and do they logically flow from one to the other? 
  • Does the conclusion make a proper summary of your answer?

Make multiple drafts

Make sure that there is enough time for you to make multiple drafts of your assignment. Keep a day between each draft and finally proofread the content.

Adhere to the guidelines provided by your school

• The last tip we want to share is that you follow the academic practice of your university with the proper referencing and attributing sources in the appropriate manner.

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